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You can view my CV here (updated 2/14/17).

I am a fourth year PhD student in Linguistics at New York University.  I also serve as the organizer of the Semantics Group, a discussion group and talk series at NYU (with Masha Esipova).

I specialize in semantics, syntax, and neurolinguistics, using theoretical linguistic insights as the basis for hypotheses about the processing of language in the brain. I work in the NYU Neuroscience of Language Lab (NELLab) with Liina Pylkk√§nen on the neural bases of the semantic processing of argument structure. When not looking at pretty brains, I do theoretical work on the syntax-semantics interface at the overlap of the Semantics Group, the Syntax Research Group, and the Morphology Reading Group, where I work on the semantics of inflectional morphology (mainly viewpoint aspect and its connection to adpositional meaning in Mandarin Chinese, and number and definiteness in American English).  


Brief Summary of Interests


  • Syntax-Semantics Interface
  • Experimental Approaches to Linguistics


  • Brain Basis of Semantic Processing
  • Argument Structure and Event Structure
  • (Morpho)Syntax and Semantics of Mandarin Chinese
  • Semantics of Inflectional Morphology
    • Number Interpretation, Marking, and Countability
    • Prepositional and Verbal Aspect
    • Bare Singulars and Weak Definites