African and Caribean Dance

I often get ask, “You dance, what type of dance?” My usual response is African/ Caribbean. However, people that are not familiar with these type of dances are un aware that African and Caribbean dance are such are very broad categories. Under African dance alone, there is traditional (which in itself has lots of categories), West African dance, afro-beat dances, and plenty more. The types of dances I just mention are usually the categories under African dance that I dance under. Under Caribbean dance there are also plenty of categories such as dancehall, soca, and more. I mostly do dancehall and soca dances. These types of dances are very fast pace, active, requires quick movement.
Growing up in an African family and having many Caribbean friends, I have also been expose and danced to African and Caribbean music. It is truly one of my passions. Anytime, I am at a party it is usually guaranteed that I can steal the shine when an African or Caribbean song comes on. I have been performing at school and private events since I was young. I just love to dance and always have fun when I’m dancing. Currently, I am Dance Captain of ASU (African Student’s Union) dance team. Below was suppose to be a clip of a performance that I and another dance member did for an event at NYU. However, it was too big to uplaod :(The whole dance team will be performing on April 26th, so if interested in seeing us perform, let me know and I will provide more information.